Outdoor Activities with Dogs

Outdoor Activities You Can Have Fun With Your Dogs

Allowing dogs to come into our lives is perhaps one of the best decisions that anyone can make. Dogs can bring love and joy in our home, and while they can misbehave at times, we still love them unconditionally. One cannot agree more that we treat our dogs as like they are a part of our family. And no doubt they love spending time with us. One of the best ways we can have fun with our dogs is to bring them on outdoor activities that you can do with your dogs. It will surely bring fun to them, and some of these can be conducted regardless of the season!

Let us take a closer look at some of the outdoors that we can have fun with our furry friend.


Hiking with the dog is another avenue at which the dog and the owner can have fun and bond at the same time. Hiking and trekking with your dog can be quite a therapeutic experience actually. Imagine hiking up a stretch of rocky path, passing by gorgeous waterfalls and ending up at a summit overlooking the horizon!

Things to note:

  • Take note of the terrain. Sometimes, the rocks might be too sharp and hence will cause pain to your dog.
  • Avoid thick bushes. You will not know if there are snakes or even thorns that will hurt your dog too!


When we talk about having fun, it can be true for both sides. And one of the best ways to have fun together with the dogs is actually to go running with them! With the proper equipment, you will be able to run with the dog and have a good time together.

Things to note:

  • Bring along a bottle of their water to keep them hydrated.
  • If your dog is looking at you all the time and panting heavily then it is a clear sign of exhaustion! And vice versa (LOL). Let’s take a break!

Playing Fetch

True enough, you can play fetch at home. But nothing beats playing the same sport in the park as your dog have a larger area to run about. Stretch those muscles by letting your dog run as far as they can, or as high as they can!

Things to note:

  • To avoid injury, only throw it to areas that are open and away from potholes or even thick bushes.
  • As per all activities, bring along water for them! Keep them hydrated.

Water Sports

When the weather permits, you should always try to bring your dog for a good time in the water. It can either be at the nearby lake, river, or even your very own indoor pool! There are several water sports that you can try with your dog.

  • Kayaking: While you might be familiar with Kayaking, chances are you have yet to try it with your dog. It is an experience that you should allow your dog to have. If you enjoy the sport, you should always bring your dog along.
  • Surfing: I would regard surfing to be an advance form of water sports which you should only allow your dog to try once they have experience from swimming in the water. This is because there are chances that your dog might just fall into the water. But once your dog learns this trick, it will be a joy to see them ride the waves onto the shore.
  • Paddleboarding: Paddleboarding and surfing are pretty much the same thing, just that they use different equipment. This is another form of water sport that your dog will enjoy.
  • Boating: If you enjoy the time out on your boat, you should always bring your dog for a fantastic time out in the sea. If your dog is adventurous enough, they might even jump into the sea while you anchor yourself in a nice scenic place

Things to note:

  • If you are bringing your dog for water sports, you have to ensure that they are comfortable swimming first before you embark the on sport itself. Also, we would encourage you to wear life jacket on your dog so as to protect them from danger.

What to note when you bring your dog on outdoor activities

While it may seem fun and all, there are certain precautions that you will need to take, especially when it comes to extreme weather conditions.

  • Hot weather: When the weather is hot, we would suggest you to bring your dog onto shady areas, preferably off the concrete floor. This is because the heat from the floor can hurt your dog’s paws. Also, always bring along water for your dog so as to keep them hydrated at all times.
  • Cold weather: It is a common misconception that dogs require lesser water when it comes to cold weather. This is not true. They still require water even during cold weather. As such, when you intend to bring your dog for outdoor activities during Winter, do ensure that you bring along their water too. In addition to that, do ensure that your dog is properly insulated against the cold. Another point to note, is that when it is snowing, the snow might cover up certain potholes that might be present. If your dog runs into one, they might be hurt. This can be prevented by bringing your dog to places that they are already familiar with.


No matter what the season is, you can always find something fun to do with your pup outdoor. That will be entertaining for our furry friend and for sure it keeps you active and stay healthy. What other outdoor activities do you bring your dog to have fun with?

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